• With you from shipping to delivery.

    We take care of your goods.

  • Our warehouses are at your disposal.

    Entrust your goods to experts.

  • Neroni Group is always by your side.

    We grow your business.

Every day
we reinvigorate
our passion
and commitment

Fast, efficient, professional.

Year after year,
since 1959.

Sixty years of experience in the world of transport make our company a safe and reliable partner. Our employees are specialised in handling goods and shipments in Italy and Europe. Every day we are by the side of our clients offering a service that never leaves them alone in their business. We are committed to finding the best solutions for your needs.

  • Quality
    Preparation, training, and teamwork are the hallmarks of our team.
  • Reliability
    Our history speaks for us and we continue to believe in the company's values. We protect our employees and your goods.

Our types of transport

Choose the best solution for you.

We make daily connections to all regions of Italy and forty international destinations.

If you want to distribute your goods in Italy and Europe, you can request a free quote tailored to your needs.

Only the best for your business.

Our services


Entrust us with your shipment.

We make daily connections to Italy and 40 international destinations


Secure your goods.

Trust us to handle your warehouse operations with our all-inclusive logistics service.


Improves business performance.

We are committed to accepting new projects and overcoming any challenges to ensure the growth and success of your business.

We are affiliated with specialized networks.

Our Partners

It is essential to rely on experts in the field who know how to take care of your goods. We provide experience and expertise that are combined with those of partners with whom we have firm cooperative arrangements.

Our Logistics Service

Comprehensive and
tailored solutions.

What is included in the logistics cycle:

  • Receipt

  • Quality control

  • Allocation

  • Picking

  • Packing


What we provide with our service:

> Integration between logistics and distribution
> Single interlocutor
> Unique customer service
> Operational flexibility
> Customized costs

“Every face is a story, and every story makes the history of Neroni Group.”

Discover the Neroni reality

Neroni Group represents a solid establishment in the freight transportation industry. From our headquarters in Ascoli Piceno, we ensure widespread coverage built over time through the trust of our clients and partners.

Our history

Neroni Group was founded in 1959 by Marino Neroni. Over the years it has evolved into an industrial group and today, Alessandro, Stefano, and Marina, carry on their father’s business with the same seriousness and passion.

Our team

Neroni Group employs qualified and constantly updated experts. Our employees regularly participate in training courses, conferences, and industry updates to maintain a high level of expertise.

Our Headquarters

Vehicles, offices, and warehouses have been renovated just as we renew our commitment and passion for this work every day. We provide over X square meters of warehouse space to safely store your goods and prepare them for shipment.

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