Neroni Group

We are a
company with
a long-standing
family history.

Synergy of a united team.

A family tradition of skills and expertise handed down through the generations.

The Neroni Group was founded in 1959 by Marino Neroni, the founder of a national transportation company that today, through the experience gained, has evolved into an industrial group in the transportation and international logistics sectors.

Expertise, transparency, and dynamism make this company an excellent global logistics partner for small/medium businesses and for Large Distribution thanks to a complete range of services.

Responsibility and honesty

Why choose
Neroni Group

  • - Passion and resourcefulness
  • - Dynamic, accurate, competent human resources
  • - Full service, from pickup to delivery
  • - Enterprise tracking system
  • - Care and attention at all stages of shipping
  • - Goods covered by insurance policy

Neroni Group consists of a united and close-knit team, a fundamental pillar of the company. We believe in a sense of community, sharing, and reciprocity.

Stefano Neroni

Sales Manager
and Owner

Sales Manager

Our team of professionals is guided by the experience and expertise of the Sales Manager Stefano Neroni, who is leading the business together with his two siblings.

Alessandro Neroni

Operations Manager
and Owner

Operations Manager

All the operational services you need are guaranteed and monitored by the Operations Manager Alessandro Neroni.

Marina Neroni

Administration Manager
and Owner

Administration Manager

Marina Neroni is in charge of this function for more than a decade and she owns the family business together with her siblings.

Our greatest strength

Our Team

Solidity and excellence

How we work

Our high level of expertise and ability in handling our customers’ large commodity trafficare the foundations of our long-lasting and successful business relationships. The customer is at the center of our organization, which is why our company's structure is organized in such a way as to effectively utilize the skills and roles of each team member during every stage of the work dedicated to them.

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